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A quartet of two percussionists and two percussionists founded in 2005. The group is dedicated to forging new boundaries and is admired for the energy and precision brought to their performances. Collaborations with emerging and genre-bending artists is a major focus of the group, and has led to the emergence of a new and lasting repertoire that is "spare and strange and very very new" (TimeOutNY)
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Wavefield Ensemble
New large ensemble dedicated to contemporary music.
Seaven Teares
Formed in 2010, featuring Charlie Looker, Amirtha Kidambi and Robbie Lee. Mostly acoustic, the group combines influences including dark post-industrial folk, 1960's co-ed folk groups, drones and textures reminiscent of modern composition, experimental improvisation and vocal harmonies of Gothic era liturgical music.
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Praised by The New York Times as "an ensemble that plays by its own rules" (2009) and "a trustworthy purveyor of new sounds" (2013), Either/Or has been at the forefront of New York's contemporary music scene since 2004. Winner of the 2015 CMA/ASCAP Award for Adventuresome Programming, Either/Or focuses on new and recent works for unconventional ensembles rarely heard elsewhere. (more info here)
Hi Red Center
Formed in 2003, HRC is a creative rock group featuring Lawrence Mesich and Michael McCurdy that has toured the US and has put out two albums so far. The band explores song structures and uses simple melodic layers combined with an off-kilter rhythmic sensibility. Currently, HRC is on hiatus while writing, reworking, and recording an album's worth of new material. (click for more info)