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November 3: Wavefield Ensemble
MANA Contemporary, New Jersey

November 8: Yarn/Wire
Shenandoah Conservatory
Winchester, VA

November 9: Yarn/Wire
George Washington University
Washington DC

November 18: Yarn/Wire
Contempuls Festival
Prague, Czech Republic

December 4: Yarn/Wire
Popup Concert
Miller Theatre, NYC

December 15: Carnival of the Animals
Miller Theatre, NYC


January 29- February 2: Yarn/Wire
The Stony, New York

February 21: Yarn/Wire
Composer Portraits: Wang Lu
Miller Theatre, NYC

February 28: Yarn/Wire
Music of Klaus Lang
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston MA

March 1: Yarn/Wire
Boston University, MA

May 4: Yarn/Wire
Columbia Composers Concert

May 11, 2019
Spør Festival, Denmark

May 14: Yarn/Wire
Yarn/Wire/Currents - Sarah Hennies and more
venue tba, NYC

May 17: Yarn/Wire
NYC Master Chorale





October 23: Yarn/Wire
Emerging Artist Residency
Stony Brook University, NY

October 13: Yarn/Wire
Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition
University of Chicago

October 5: Yarn/Wire
University of Nebraska, Kearny

September 15: America's Society
Grand Pianola Project II
New York, NY

September 14: America's Society
Grand Pianola Project I
New York, NY

August 17: Yarn/Wire
Time Spans Festival
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NYC

July 21: Argento Ensemble
Kaaterskill Church
Tannersville, NY

June 19-July 2
Yarn/Wire Institute
Stony Brook University, NY

June 2nd: Yarn/Wire
American Music Festival
Troy, NY

May 19: Yarn/Wire
Manhattan Choral Ensemble
New York, NY

May 5: 4000 Holes, with Taka Kigawa
Drogheda Arts Festival
Drogheda, Ireland

May 2: Yarn/Wire
Music of Camilo Mendez
Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

April 20: Yarn/Wire
Tenri Cultural Institute, NY

April 13: Yarn/Wire
Music Currents Festival
Dublin, Ireland

April 5-7: Yarn/Wire
Residency @ Brown University
Providence, RI

March 24: Yarn/Wire
Southern Exposure Series
University of South Carolina

March 15: Yarn/Wire
Residency @ Brandeis University

March 10: Yarn/Wire
Columbia Composers Concert
DiMenna Center, New York

March 6: Yarn/Wire
Popup Concert - Catherine Lamb
Miller Theatre, New York NY

February 2&3: Yarn/Wire
Residency @ University of North Carolia
Chapel Hill, NC

February 1: Yarn/Wire
Composer Portraits: Raphael Cendo
Miller Theatre, New York, NY

January 18: Amacher's "Adjacencies"
San Diego, CA

January 8: Yarn/Wire
Monday Evening Concerts
Los Angeles, CA


December 16: Carnival of the Animals
Miller Theatre, New York NY

December 5: Jeremiah Cymerman
Roulette, Brooklyn NY

December 2: Yarn/Wire
Yarn/Wire/Currents - Klaus Lang, Michelle Lou
Blank Forms - First Unitarian Church, Brooklyn

November 17-19: Yarn/Wire
Rainy Days Festival

November 11: Seaven Teares
Music Unlimited Festival
Wels, Austria

October 27: Either/Or Ensemble
Ana Maria Avram Tribute
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

October 26: Charlie Looker Ensemble
Brooklyn Bazaar

Oct 21: Yarn/Wire
Transit Festival
Leuven, Belgium

October 6: Yarn/Wire
Music of Enno Poppe
The Kitchen, NYC

September 29 & 30: Amacher's "Adjacencies"
The Kitchen, New York NY

September 22: Yarn/Wire
Music of Enno Poppe
EMPAC - Troy, NY

September 13: Yarn/Wire
Ultima Festival
Oslo, Norway

August 15: Charlie Looker Ensemble
Union Pool, Brooklyn

July 12 & 13: International Contemporary Ensemble
Mostly Mozart Festival: Zender's Wintereisse
Rose Theatre, NYC

June 20-30:Yarn/Wire Institute at Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY

May 26: Yarn/Wire
New Music from Colombia
Americas Society, NY

May 19: Yarn/Wire
Look and Listen Festival
Brooklyn, NY

May 8-10: Yarn/Wire
City University London residency
London, UK

May 6 & 7: Yarn/Wire
Tectonics Festival
Glasgow, Scotland

April 7-8: Yarn/Wire
Hamilton College Residency
Clinton, NY

March 13-18: Yarn/Wire
Harvard University Residency
Cambridge, MA

March 3: Yarn/Wire
MNM 2017
Montreal, QC

March 2: Yarn/Wire
Portrait Concerts: Misato Mochizuki
Miller Theater, NY

February 18: Either/Or
Library of Congress Concert
Washington DC

February 2: Either/Or
Portrait Concerts: Beat Furrer
Miller Theater, NY

January 25-28: Yarn/Wire
University of Virginia Residency
Charlottesville, VA

January 17-19: Yarn/Wire
University of Michigan Residency
Ann Arbor, MI


December 17: Family Concert
Carnival of the Animals
Miller Theatre, NY

December 8: Brown University
Concert of student works for solo percussion and electronics

December 1: Yarn/Wire
Zosha DiCastri Portrait Concert
Miller Theatre, New York NY

November 17: Loadbang
Miller Theatre Portrait Concert: Lei Liang
New York, NY

November 10: Yarn/Wire
New works by Oliva Block and Aaron Einbond
Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago IL

October 19-22: Yarn/Wire
UT Knoxville Residency and Festival of New Music

October 9: Ensemble Signal
Works and Process: Steve Reich 80th Birthday
Guggenheim Museum, New York NY

September 27: Yarn/Wire
Pop Up Concerts: Music of Andrew McIntosh
Miller Theatre, New York NY

September 16: Yarn/Wire
New works by Anthony Vine, Catherine Lamb, Alvin Lucier
Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY

July 29 2016: So Percussion
Performance of Xenakis' Meteaux
Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center, New York NY

July 6-15 2016: Yarn/Wire
Yarn/Wire Institute at Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY

June 21, 2016: International Contemporary Ensemble
Make Music New York
Central Park Bandshell, NY

June 10 2016: Wet Ink Large Ensemble
Annual Wet Ink Large Ensemble Concert
St. Peter's Church, NY

June 5, 2016: Lucerne Festival Alumni/NY Phil Biennial
Ligeti Violin Concerto
Met Museum, NY

June 4: Lucerne Festival Alumni/NY Phil Biennial
Dai Fujikura: ICE
Met Museum, NY

June 3: Lucerne Festival Alumni/NY Phil Biennial
Unsuk Chin, Ligeti Piano Concerto
Met Museum, NY

May 11 & 12: Yarn/Wire
Premiere of Michael Gordon's "Material"
Miller Theatre, NY

April 15: Yarn/Wire
NYU Composers Concert
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NY

April 8: Yarn/Wire
Southwestern University, Georgetown TX

April 7: Yarn/Wire
Texas Tech New Music Festival
Lubbock, TX

April 5: Yarn/Wire
Memphis University Residency
Memphis, TN

March 22-30: International Contemporary Ensemble
Andriessen's De Materie
Park Avenue Armory, NY

March 11: Yarn/Wire
Columbia Composers Concert
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NY

March 5: Either/Or
Composer Portraits: Iancu Dumitrescu
Miller Theatre, NY

March 1: Either/Or
Popup Concerts: Iancu Dumitrescu
Miller Theatre, NY

February 29: Yarn/Wire
Annual Season Gala
Venue TBA

February 25: Yarn/Wire
Composer Portraits: Alex Mincek
Miller Theatre, NY

January 27-29: Yarn/Wire
Binghamton University, NY

January 25-27: Yarn/Wire
Premiere of Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon's new work
Kilbourn Concert Series; Rochester, NY

January 1-10: Yarn/Wire
Hong Kong and China Tour
Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai


December 19: Carnival of the Animals
Holiday Extravaganza
Miller Theatre, NY

December 16: Seaven Teares
Roulette, Brooklyn

December 4: Yarn/Wire
New Works by George Lewis and Chiyoko Szlavnics
National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY

October 29: Yarn/Wire
Accidental Music Festival: Pluta, Bird, DiPonio, Reich
Orlando, FL

October 23 & 24: Either/Or
Premiere of Keeril Makan's Persona
National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY

October 10: Yarn/Wire
Music by Berio, Mincek, Franzson, Murail, Mochizuki
Library Of Congress, Washington DC

October 1-3: Yarn/Wire
East Carolina University Residency - Concerts and Masterclasses
Greenville, NC

Septebmer 29: Yarn/Wire
Season Opening Concert - David Bird, Mark Fell, Sam Pluta
Artists Space Books & Talks (presented by Issue Project Room), NY

August 29: Yarn/Wire
Sufjan Stevens' "Round Up"
Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland

August 26: Music of Toby Driver
Performing "Stained Glass" and Ichumenodae
The Stone, NYC

August 18: International Contemporary Ensemble
Mostly Mozart Festival
Messiaen's Exotic Birds

July 14 / 15: Yarn/Wire
Lincoln Center Festival
Cendo, Murail, Mochizuki
Kaplan Penthouse, NYC

June 21: America's Society
New work by Valéria Bonafé
Central Park, NYC

June 8: Wet Ink Ensemble
Large Ensemble Concert
St. Peter's Church, NYC

May 28: Talea Ensemble
Music of Clemens Gadenstätter
Bohemian National Hall, NYC

May 24: Music of David Rosenboom
Whitney Museum of American Art - NY

May 14: Lost Dog New Music
John Luther Adams' 4000 Holes
Secret Theater, Long Island City, NY

May 9: Yarn/Wire
Sufjan Stevens' "Round Up"
Mountains and Waves Festival - Barbican, London

May 7: Yarn/Wire
Tectonics Festival NY
Presented by Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY

April 25: Wet Ink Ensemble
Columbia Composers Concert
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NYC

April 18: Talea Ensemble
Sam Pluta's Machine Language
Mata Festival
The Kitchen, NYC

March 30-31: Yarn/Wire
Hunter College Residency
New York, NY

March 24: Yarn/Wire
PopUp Concert: Meadowcroft & Szlavnics
Miller Theatre, NY

March 11-14: Yarn/Wire
Midwest Tour (NY, OH, PA)

February 19: Yarn/Wire
Composer Portraits: Stefano Gervasoni
Miller Theatre, New York NY

January 31: Ensemble Signal
Steve Reich's Radio Rewrite
Lincoln Center American Songbook
Appel Room, New York, NY

January 30: Seaven Teares
Philadelphia, PA

January 28: Seaven Teares
Trans Pecos, Ridgewood NY

January 20-25: Yarn/Wire
Sufjan Stevens' RoundUp
BAM Harvey Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

January 16 - Seaven Teares
ALL the songs
The Stone, NYC


December 5: Either/Or Ensemble
Composer Portraits - Keeril Makan
Miller Theatre, NYC

November 15: Yarn/Wire
Works by Meadowcroft, Cleare, Franzson, Torvund

November 7: Yarn/Wire + Marcus Schmickler
New Work - Fokker Bifrucations (World Premiere)
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

October 23: Yarn/Wire
Unruly Music Festival
Milwaukee, WI

October 21-22 Yarn/Wire
Lawrence University Residency
Works by Mincek, Berio, Helgeson, Szlavnics

October 20: Yarn/Wire
Works by Mincek, Torvund, Helgeson
Zeitgeist - St. Paul, MN

October 19: Yarn/Wire
Works by Szlavnics, Torvund, Meadowcroft
Constellation, Chicago, IL

October 9: Yarn/Wire/Currents 3
New pieces by Øyvind Torvund, Ann Cleare, Chiyoko Szlavnics
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

October 4: Dominique Leone Band
Benefit for David Lynch Foundation
With Sara Lipstate / JG Thirwell and more
St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY

September 12: Yarn/Wire Season Opening Party
Troutman Hall, Ridgewood, NY

September 5: Seaven Teares

August 19: International Contemporary Ensemble
Mostly Mozart Festival: Anna Thorvaldsdottir's Into Second Self
Park Avenue Armory, NYC

July 25 & 26: Lincoln Center Out of Doors
John Luther Adams' - Sila: the Breath of the World (World Premiere)
Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza, NYC
6pm, free

June 26: either/OR ensemble
Kagel's Rigaudon and Ranz des vaches
White Box Art Center, New York NY

June 21: Summer Solstice Celebration
Obersvations with/by Tristan Perich
Hosted By Norte Maar
Socrates Sculpture Park, LIC NY

May 27: I Speak Music
New work by Pablo Santiago Chin
Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn NY

May 22: Wet Ink Ensemble
Works by Eric Wubbels and Bryn Harrison
St. Peter's Church, NY NY

May 2 and 4: Argento Ensemble
Works by Georg Friedrich Haas and Erin Gee
Austrian Cultural Forum, New York NY

May 1: Yarn/Wire
Yarn/Wire Currents 2: Christopher Trapani's Writing Against Time, and Pete Swanson's Corrections
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

April 24: Yarn/Wire
Ultima Festival - Works by Øyvind Torvund, Simon Steen-Andersen, Anna Thorvaldsdottir
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

April 19: International Contemporary Ensemble
MATA festival 2014 - MATRA by Oscar Bianchi
The Kitchen - New York, NY

April 5: either/OR ensemble
World Premiere of "Letting Time Circle Through Us" by Keeril Makan
MIT, Cambridge, MA

March 24: Yarn/Wire
Music at the Forefront - pieces by Berio, Helgeson, Mincek, Schuessler, Wubbels
Bowling Green State University, OH

February 28: Avant Media Festival - Talujon
NYC premiere of Alex Mincek's "Out of Thin Air"
The Wild Project, NY NY

February 26: Composers Now Festival
"Hex" by Jeff Tobias
Brooklyn College, NY

February 8: Yarn/Wire
Residency and Concert
University of North Florida

February 7: Yarn/Wire
Friday Musicale (2 shows - 11am and 7:30pm)
Jacksonville, FL

February 5: Yarn/Wire
Residency and Concert
Southeastern State University, Hammond LA

February 3: Yarn/Wire
Residency and Concert
University of Louisiana, Monroe

January 28: Seaven Teares
Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY

December 19: Yarn/Wire
Yarn/Wire/Currents #1
New works by Thomas Meadowcroft and Marianthi Papalexandri-alexandri
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY

December 10: Yarn/Wire
Pop-Up concert
Miller Theatre, NYC

December 5: Either/Or ensemble
Miller Theatre Composer Portraits: Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Miller Theatre, NYC; 8pm, $20-$30

November 20: Pamela Z
Carbon Song Cycle
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

November 1 / 2: Yarn/Wire
Festival of New American Music
California State University, Sacramento
Music by Perich, Braxton, Mincek

October 31: Yarn/Wire
Mondavi Center
University of California Davis
Music by Mincek, Wubbels, Evans

October 26: Yarn/Wire
Ten Years on the Infinite Plain: Tristan Perich's Chalk
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

October 1: Yarn/Wire
Wet Ink Collaborations Series, Music by Peter Evans and Eric Wubbels
St. Peter's Church, NYC

September 30: Wet Ink Ensemble
Anthony Braxton's Ghost Trance
Roulette, Brooklyn NY

September 20: Yarn/Wire
Season Opening Party
Troutman Hall, Ridgewood NY

September 8: Seaven Teares
Spy Music Festival
285 Kent, Brooklyn NY

July 26: Walden Players
Pieces by Ben Hackbarth, David Ludwig, Elliot Schwartz, George Lewis
Walden School, Dublin NH

June 28, 30, July 2-3
You My Mother: Chamber operas by Rick Burkhardt and Brendan Connelly
River to River Festival 2013
Pier 17, NYC

June 17 League of Composers
Music by Wang Jie and Keith Fitch
Miller Theatre, NYC

May 31 Either/Or Ensemble
Spring Festival of new music
The Kitchen, NYC

May 23 Yarn/Wire
New pieces by Ty Braxton and Peter Evans
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

May 14 Yarn/Wire
New music by graduate student composers
Princeton University, Princeton NJ

May 3 Yarn/Wire
Music by Ryan Pratt and Daniel Wohl
Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY

April 25-26 Yarn/Wire
April in Santa Cruz Festival
University of California at Santa Cruz, CA

April 24 Yarn/Wire
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA

April 18-23 Yarn/Wire
Stanford University Residency
Stanford, CA

April 13 Wet Ink Ensemble
New music by Columbia Composers
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NYC

April 4 Yarn/Wire
Goucher College Residency
Baltimore, MD

March 31 Seaven Teares
"The White House", Boston MA

March 29 Seaven Teares
Wesleyan University, CT

February 28 Seaven Teares
Bowery Electric, NYC

February 23 Yarn/Wire
Miller Theatre Portrait Concert: Music of Enno Poppe
Miller Theatre, NYC

February 8 Yarn/Wire
Alex Mincek - Pendulum VI: Trigger
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NYC

February 4 International Contemporary Ensemble
Ralph Kaminsky Memorial Concert
Music of Dalbavie
Merkin Hall, NYC

January 31 Seaven Teares
Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY

January 14-18Yarn/Wire
EMPAC Recording Residency
Recording Davi∂ Franzson's Negotiation of Context
Curtis R.Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy NY

December 18 Yarn/Wire
Ear Heart Music Series
Davi∂ Franzson's Negotiation of Context Cycle and Cenk Ergün's Solus
Roulette, Brooklyn NY

December 12 Columbia Composers Concert
New pieces by Ashkan Behzadi, Tyshawn Sorey, Mahir Cetiz
DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NYC

December 11 Seaven Teares
Bowery Electric, NYC

November 2 and 3 Yarn/Wire
Judith Berkson's The Vienna Rite
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

October 28 Yarn/Wire
Beyond Cage Festival
New works by Natacha Diels and Michael Winters
Willow Place Auditorium, Brooklyn NY

October 22 SEM Ensemble
John Cage's Atlas Eclipticalis
Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium NYC

October 19 Yarn/Wire
Goucher College Residency
Baltimore, MD

October 6 Toby Driver
Music of Toby Driver
The Stone NYC

September 29 Yarn/Wire
ISSUE Project Room Artists in Residence Concert #3
New works by Andrew McIntosh, Chris Burns, Elizabeth Adams
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn NY

August 23-26 Lucerne Festival
Lucerne Spotlights Series and Festival Academy
David Bithell - various works
Charles Ives - Symphony #4
Lucerne, Switzerland

August 5 International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
Messiaen: Oiseaux Exotiques
Mostly Mozart Festival
Lincoln Center (New York, NY)

July 16-July 21 Yarn/Wire
Artists In Residence
Walden School, Dublin NH
new pieces by Faculty Composers

June 9th Talea Ensemble
Xenakis' "Persephassa"
Storm King Art Center; 5pm and 6:30pm

Tues & Weds May 29 & 30 Yarn/Wire
Music of David Bithell
AC Institute (New York, NY)

Friday, May 18 Yarn/Wire
program TBA
The Stone (New York, NY)

Wednesday, May 2 The Music of Charlie Looker
Galapagos (Brooklyn, NY)

Friday, April 28 Yarn/Wire
Artists in Residence Concert #2
New work by Tristan Perich
Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)

Saturday, April 14 Wet Ink Ensemble
Works by Beat Furrer, Cage and others
St. Peter's Church (New York, NY)

Friday, March 30 Wet Ink Ensemble
Works for Percussion Group by Pluta, Mincek, Adan, Feldman
DiMenna Center (New York, NY)

Thursday, March 22 Yarn/Wire
Artists in Residence Concert #1
Pieces by Pete Swanson and Nathan Davis
Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)

March 3 Columbia Composers
New Pieces by Taylor Brook, Natacha Diels, Alec Hall and more
With Ekmeles
Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)

Feb 9 through Feb 20 Yarn/Wire + Two Headed Calf
You, My Mother: Chamber Operas by Rick Burkhardt and Brendan Connelly
La Mama Theater(New York, NY); Shows run Thursdays through Sundays

January 27 Yarn/Wire
Columbia Composers Concert (5 new pieces)
DiMenna Center (New York, NY)

January 26 Hi Red Center
Cakeshop (New York, NY)

December 15 and 16 Yarn/Wire
Collaborations with Leah Cox and Lawrence Mesich
Luciano Berio's "Linea" in video dance and sound
Troutman Hall (Ridgewood, NY)

December 10 Seaven Teares
285 Kent St (Brooklyn, NY)

11/13 SeavenTeares
-Shea Stadium (Brooklyn, NY)

-Ensemble in Residence at Northern Illinois University
-Dekalb, IL

10/21 Seaven Teares
-Vaudville Park (other details, tba)
- (New York, NY)

10/14 Yarn/Wire
-NY Premieres
-Tenri Cultural Institute (New York, NY) 8pm

10/6 Yarn/Wire
-Premieres Preview
-Southampton Cultural Center (Southampton , NY), 7pm

9/22Wet Ink Ensemble
-Works by George Lewis
-Roulette (Brooklyn, NY), 8pm

6/21 Yarn/Wire
- Louis Andriessen's "Hoketus"
- At the NY Stock Exchange (Balconies and on The Street)
- Part of Make Music New York

6/12 Opera on Tap
- David Baker's "Give and Take"
- Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn, NY)

6/11 Seaven Teares
- Part of Last Things Records showcase
- Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY)

6/9 Signal Ensemble
- June in Buffalo
- Works by David Felder, Hilda Paredes, Brice Pauset, György Ligeti
- Buffalo, NY

5/27Wet Ink Ensemble
- Mathias Spahlinger Portrait Concert - éphémère
- Tenri Cultural Institute (New York, NY)

5/19-21 Yarn/Wire
- Preview performances with Theater of a Two-Headed Calf of new chamber operas by Chaya Czernowin, Brendan Connelly, Rick Burkhart
- University Settlement (New York, NY)

5/5 Yarn/Wire
- Workshop of new pieces by graduate students at Rutgers University
- Rutgers, NJ

4/30Wet Ink Ensemble
- Music by George Lewis, Sam Pluta, Eric Wubbels, Simon Steen-Andersen, Stefan Prins
- St. Peter's Church (New York, NY)

4/14 & 4/15 Yarn/Wire
- Unruly Music Festival
- Vogel Hall, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts; Milwaukee, WI

4/11 Argento Ensemble
- Brian Ferneyhou's "La Chute d'Icare" and Jeffrey Mumford's "through a stillness brightening"
- Part of the "Cutting Edge Concerts" Series
- Symphony Space (New York, NY)

3/11 Seaven Teares
-Roulette (NY, NY)
-with Kyle Bobby Dunn, Sarah Lipstate & Lee Renaldo

2/19 Yarn/Wire
-Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)
-pieces by Eric Wubbels and Kate Soper

2/11 Columbia Composers
-Tenri Cultural Institute (New York, NY)
-New Works by Columbia Composers

2/4 Seaven Teares
-Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)
-with Build

1/26 Eco Ensemble
-Beat Furrer's Percussion Quartet
-Hertz Hall (Berkeley, CA)

1/10 Argento Ensemble
-Ferneyhough's "La Chute d'Icare" and Romitelli's "Professor Bad Trip"
-Monday Evening Concert Series
-Zipper Hall (Los Angeles, CA)

12/11 Wet Ink Ensemble
-New Works by Columbia Composers

11/14 Seaven Teares
-Silent Barn (Brooklyn, NY)

10/30 Yarn/Wire
-Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton, NY

10/26 Yarn/Wire
-Release party for Y/W's "Tone Builders" CD on Carrier Records
-A/C Institute (New York, NY)

10/5 Yarn/Wire
-Vanderbilt, TN

9/30 Yarn/Wire
-Goucher College, MD

9/22 Seaven Teares
-Charlie Looker's Seaven Teares
-Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY)

9/18 Dominique Leone
-Coco66 (Brooklyn, NY)

9/16 Mantra Percussion
-Preview performance of Michael Gordon's "Timber"
-Queens College

8/24 Kayo Dot
- Bowery Electric (New York, NY

8/22 Charlie Looker's Seaven Teares
-Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY)

8 /15 Charlie Looker's Seaven Teares
-Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY)

6/23 Wet Ink Ensemble
-American Composers Orchestra's Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute
-Miller Theater

6/5 Yarn/Wire
-Composing NY #2
-New Pieces by Sam Pluta, Alex Mincek, Eric Wubbels, Kate Soper
-Roulette (New York, NY)

6/11 Yarn/Wire
-Composing NYC #3 Preview Concert/Discussion
-Kate Soper and Alex Mincek Discuss their new pieces
-Troutman Hall (1717 Troutman, Ridgewood NY)

5/27 Wet Ink Ensemble
-Festival of New American Music #2
-Roulette (New York, NY)

5/1 Wet Ink Ensemble
-Festival of New American Music #1
-Roulette (New York, NY)

4/3 Yarn/Wire
-Columbia Composer's Concert
-Tenri Cultural Institute (NYC)

3/9 Yarn/Wire
-Davidson College (Davidson, North Carolina)

3/4 Yarn/Wire
-Carrier Records show
-Issue Project Room

2/28 International Contemporary Ensemble
-Columbia Composers Concert
-Roulette (NYC)

2/18 Yarn/Wire
-Composing NYC #1
-New Pieces by David Franzson, Aaron Einbond, Joseph DiPonio, Sebastian Armoza
- North River Music Series#24 @ Greenwich Music House (NYC)

2/16 Yarn/Wire
-Composing NYC #1 Preview Concert / Discussion
-Sebastian Armoza and Joseph DiPonio talk about their new pieces
-Troutman Hall (Ridgewood, NY)

1/28-2/14 Yarn/Wire
-Performing Susan Glaspell's "Trifles" with Theater of a 2-Headed Calf
-Ontological-Hysteric Theater (NYC)

12/15 Aaron Siegel Ensemble
-Siegel's "Science is only a sometimes Friend" for 8 glockenspiels and organ
-Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)

12/12 Yarn/Wire
-New Percussion Duos by Charlie Looker, Jorge Boehringer
-The Stone (New York, NY)

12/3 Int'l Society for Improvised Music (ISIM)
-Ben Carson's "Syncline and Anticline"
-University of California, Santa Cruz

11/24 Amp
-Stockhausen's Microphonie, and others
-The Tank (NYC)

11/10 Wet Ink Ensemble
-Music by Sciarrino and Alex Mincek
-The Tank (NYC)

11/3 Yarn/Wire
-Annual Fundraising Party (Ridgewood, NY)

10/23 Hi Red Center
-Team Clermont CMJ Showcase
-Lit Lounge (NY, NY)

10/8 Yarn/Wire
-"The Piano: Inside and Out" performance/workshop
-ISLIP Public Library (NY)

10/3 Yarn/Wire
-Prelude Festival with Theater of a Two-Headed Calf
-Preview performance of Susan Glaspell's "Trifles"

9/26 Hunter-Gatherer
-Pixilerations Festival
-David Bithell's "Whistle from Above"
-Providence, RI

9/22 Hunter-Gatherer
-Percussion Duos at "The Maze" by Trouble
-Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY)

8/22-9/11 Lucerne Festival Academy
-Program 1 (8/29)-Edgar Varèse: Déserts
-Program 2 (9/9)-Tristan Murail: Serendib
-Program 3 (9/10)-Pierre Boulez: Notations(1, 2, 3, 4, 7);Luciano Berio: Sinfonia
-Lucerne, Switzerland

8/9 sfSound
-Performing Stockhausen's "Kreuzspiel", and others
-ODC theater (San Francisco, CA)

7/ 11 Hi Red Center
-CitySol 2009 at Stuyvesant Cove Park, Brooklyn NY

7/10 Wet Ink Ensemble
- Resident Ensemble at the Walden School (New Hampshire)

6/10 & 6/11 Concerts in the Heights
- Chamber Music Program including pieces by Hosokawa and others

5/15 Yarn/Wire
- US Premieres by Stefano Gervasoni, Simon Steen-Andersen, and Georg Fredrich Haas
-Tenri Cultural Institute, NY, NY

5/13 Yarn/Wire
-Workshop / Performance
-Queens College, NY

4/26 Final DMA Recital
-Stony Brook University Recital Hall

4/15 Yarn/Wire
-April in Santa Cruz festival Concert.
-University of California, Santa Cruz

4/9 Interpretations 20 Series
-Gabriela Frank's "Requiem for a Magical America (El dia De los Muertos)"
-with Teresa McCollough and Chris Froh
-Roulette (20 Greene St, New York, NY)

4/5 Yarn/Wire
-Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton, NY

3/26 Yarn/Wire
-Yarn/Wire performs the music of Ben Carson (*1971)
-Philosophy Hall at Columbia University, New York, NY

3/8 Faculty Recital
-Gabriela Frank's "Requiem for a Magical America (El dia De los Muertos)"
-Faculty Recital Series with Teresa McCollough
-Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA)

2/3-2/16 Hi Red Center CD Release Tour
-celebrating the release of "Assemble" on Joyful Noise Records

12/15 Hi Red Center
-Don Pedros, Brooklyn, NY

12/5 International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
-Miller Theatre at Columbia University (116th & Broadway; New York, NY)

12/10 Mantra Percussion
-Xenakis' "Peaux" and John Cage's "1st Construction" for percussion sextet
-Players Theater (115 MacDougal St), New York, NY

11/24 Yarn/Wire
"Duos from the Edge"
-NY Premiere of David Bithell's "Whistle from Above"
-US Premiere of Enno Poppe's "Rad"
-Tenri Cultural Institute, New York

11/16 Hunter-Gatherer
-See above program plus Tristan Perich's "Observations" and Matthew Hough's "That's What Girls Say When They Say My Number"
-Festival of New American Music
-Sacramento State University, CA

11/12 Hunter-Gatherer
- Hough, Perich
- 21 Grand (416 25th St. @ Broadway; Oakland, CA)

11/10 Hunter-Gatherer
-LA/Pasadena Premiers of - David Lang, "Table of Contents"; David Bithell, "Whistle from Above"; Tristan Perich, "Observations"; Matt Hough" When They Say My Number"
- South Pasadena Music, Pasadena CA

11/9 Hunter-Gatherer
- Gerard Grisey's "Stele" for 2 percussionists and the West Coast premieres of David Bithell's "Whistle from Above" and a new duo by David Lang
- Presented by sfSound
- ODC Dance Commons (351 Shotwell St, San Francisco, CA)

10/19 Percussion Recital
- Pieces by Regis Campo, Franco Donatoni, Mei-Fang Lin, David Bithell, and Matthew Hough
- SUNY Stony Brook, NY

10/13 Hi Red Center
-Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY)

9/27 Hunter-Gatherer
- Art Under the Bridge Festival
- Matt Hough's "That's What Girls Say When They Say My Number" for percussion duo, and Christian Wolff Excercises
- Museum of Modern Arthur (25 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY)

9/17 Sequenza 21 presents "Minimalism at 50"
- I'll be playing Steve Reich's "Marimba Phase" and Terry Riley's "In C"
- Player's Theater (115 MacDougal St), New York, NY

8/22-23 Theater of a Two-Headed Calf
- a new excerpt from "It cannot be called our Mother but our graves" (based on Shakespeare's Macbeth)
- 55 33rd St (Industry City), Brooklyn, NY

7/14 Darmstadt Summer Courses
-Performance of Wolfgang Rihm's "Tutuguri VI" for percussion 6tet and Liza Lim's "City of Fallen Angels" for percussion 12tet
-Bollenfaltor, Darmstadt, Germany

6/19 - Sun June 29 Hi Red Center
- Midwest Tour
- click here for specific dates

6/8 - Sat June 14 Hunter-Gatherer
- "The Gentlemand Caller"
- music composed and performed by H-G for Clubbed Thumb
- Directed by Brooke O'Harra
- Ohio Theater, NYC

5/31 Yarn/Wire
- U.S. premiere of Paul Usher's "Lines of Drift" (2007); World premieres of "fluttuazione/attimo" by John Arrigo-Nelson (2008); "Quartet One" by Brendan Connelly (2008); NYC premiere of Ryan Carter's "Filthy Machines" (2007)
- Tenri Cultural Institute

4/6 Yarn/Wire
- University of Tennessee, Knoxville

3/7- 15 Hi Red Center
- Southern / SXSW tour Including:
3/14: Asthmatic Kitty Party at Okay Mountain Gallery with Weird Weeds, Marla Hansen, KIT

3/1 Hunter - Gatherer
- Bithell's "Whistle from Above"
- Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts; 8pm

1/22 Hunter - Gatherer
- Lecture/Performance of David Bithell's "Whistle from Above"
- University of North Texas, 3pm, FREE

11/28 Yarn/Wire
Berio, Bartok, Ryan Carter (premiere)
-Dartmouth University, 12pm

11/15 International Contemporary Ensemble
-Hurel Portrait Concert
-Miller Theater @ Columbia (NYC)

10/25- 11/17 Theater of a Two-Headed Calf
- "Drums of the Waves of Horikawa"
- Here Arts Center (NYC)

10/ 8 San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
- Edmund Campion's "Ondoyants et Divers" for Percussion Sextet
(U.S. Premiere)
- Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco)

9/26 Hi Red Center
-@ Cakeshop (NYC)

9/24 Theater of a Two-Headed Calf -"Macbeth"
-Soho Rep Theater (NYC); 7pm and 10pm

Sept 9- 19 Klangspuren '07 - International Ensemble Modern Akademie
- Schwaz, Austria

8/31 Mike Pride's Drummer's Corpse
- The Mean Fiddler (NYC)

7/17 - 8/22 Hi Red Center - U.S. Tour
Click here for Dates!

6/24 sfSound
- Bithell's "unblinking eye"/Varèse's Intégrales @ODC Theater (San Francisco)

6/2 Bang on a Can Marathon with TACTUS
- Evan Ziporyn's "Drill" @ World Financial Center Winter Garden (NYC)

5/26 Yarn/Wire
- Mei-Fang Lin Portrait Concert
-Tenri Cultural Institute (NYC)

5/22 & 5/23 International Contemporary Ensemble
Luigi Nono's "A Floresta è jovem e cheja de vida"
- @ PS 122 (NYC)

5/18 Hunter-Gatherer
- @Chashama (NYC) part of the maze event, "you are here"

5/14 Mike Pride's Drummer's Corpse
- @ Chashama (NYC) part of the maze event, "you are here"

5/3 and 5/7 Contemporary Chamber Players
-Ligeti Piano Concerto with Laura Barger, soloist @ SUNY Stony Brook, NY

4/18-22; 4/26-29 Theater of a Two-Headed Calf
- "Drums of the Waves of Horikawa" (more info here)
- Perishable Theater, Providence (RI)

4/10 Hi Red Center
- w/Gowns @ Bard College (NY)

3/17 New Music Collective
David Del Tredici 70th birthday celebration @ Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

3/16 Hi Red Center
w/ Consider the Source, NONLOC, Earth Stood Still @ Michelines (Brooklyn)

3/9 Hi Red Center
w/ Willum and the Works, Deer Tick, The Dust Up @ Brooklyn Lyceum

3/7 Stony Brook CCP
Steve Reich's Drumming @ Staller Center for the Arts (Stony Brook, NY)

2/21 Mike Pride's Drummer's Corpse
-Tonic (NYC)

2/15 Hi Red Center
w/La Otracina, Primordial Undermind, Nymph, Slasher Risk, and Bright
-Raven's Den (Brooklyn)

2/6Ches Smith's Congs for Brums Quartet
John Tchicai, saxophone, Chad Wagner (piano), Raz Mesinai (percussion, electronics), Ches Smith (drums), RG (vibraphone)-The Stone (NYC)

2/3 Hi Red Center w/Friendly Bears, LOMF, Yoshiko Ohara (Bloody Panda)
-Water Street Lounge (Brooklyn)

1/17 Hunter-Gatherer - w/ Zs, Extra Life, Archaeopterix, M.O.T.H.
390 Seneca (Brooklyn)

1/13 Hi Red Center - w/ Wild Bee, Matter Antimatter, The Shorebirds
Trash Bar (Brooklyn)

12/18 Hunter-Gatherer
New pieces for us by Matthew Hough, Charlie Looker, Aaron Einbond, Brendan Connelly, and Jorge Liderman @ SUNY Stony Brook NY

12/10 Yarn/Wire - Music of Leroux, Jarrell, Donatoni, Berio
-Greenwich Music House (NYC)

12/8 Yarn/Wire - Phillipe Leroux's "M"
- SUNY Stony Brook, NY

11/22 Hunter-Gatherer - new piece by Brendan Connelly
- The Stone (NYC)

11/21 Hi Red Center - w/ Gay Beast
- Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn, NY)

10/28 Mike Pride's Drummer's Corpse
- Asterisk Art Space (Brooklyn, NY)

10/13 Stony Brook Percussion Ensemble
- Staller Center (Stony Brook, NY)

9/30 Hi Red Center - w/ Grandchildren, Rocket Surgery
- Glasslands, BKLYN

9/24 Mike Pride's Drummer's Corpse
- Cake Shop (NYC)

5/22-6/20 Hi Red Center Midwest/Southern U.S. Tour (click for more info)

5/10 Ensemble, Inc - new scandinavia: 5/4 program
- Lilypad (Boston MA),

5/7 Hi Red Center - w/ Experimental Dental School, Shellshag
-Cakeshop (NYC)

5/4 Ensemble, Inc - new scandinavia: music by Magnus Lindberg, Bent Sørensen, Sven Lyder Kahrs, Øyvind Torvund
- Norwegian Seamens' Church (NYC)

4/22 Forecast Music - music by Eric Schwartz,
- Dorothy Jones Theater (NYC)

4/15 Hi Red Center w/ Measles Mumps Rubella, Dogme 95, The Great Lakes
- Tonic (NYC)

4/14 Hi Red Center - w/ Awesome Color
- Sputnik (Brooklyn)

4/6 Hi Red Center - OSOS Magazine Release Party
- Cakeshop (NYC)

4/3 Yarn/Wire - music of berio, donatoni, jarrell
- NotreDame University (IN)

3/29 Ensemble Pamplemousse - Yoav Gal's Mosheh
- Merkin Hall (NYC)

3/25 Ensemble, Inc - Uday Krishnakumar (3/22 program)
-The Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew (NYC)

3/22 Ensemble, Inc - Uday Krishnakumar's "Cantata: Flower Fruit and Thorn Pieces"
-Stony Brook University

3/17 Hunter-Gatherer: Two-Headed Calf Salon-Saloon #5
- Bklyn, NY

3/10 Hi Red Center: New Orleans benefit/house show with O'death

Shows prior to happened before this website was up!